The Future of Contact Centers: The Role of AI in the CX Tools of Today

July 12, 2023
Expivia AI in CX tools of today

The Future of Contact Centers: The Role of AI and Evolutionary Technologies

The advent of AI and associated technologies has opened up a whole new horizon of possibilities for the contact center industry. While these technologies are not new, their applications in the realm of customer service are taking some intriguing turns. One such interesting evolution is agent assist technology.

The Evolution of Agent Assist

At present, agent assist technology provides real-time transcription during customer calls, and prompts the agent about things like customer mood, timing of speech, and more. However, the potential of this technology extends much further, providing a solution that could make every agent as efficient as your top performers.

Imagine a ‘digital twin’ of your best agents. This digital twin, built on AI, could analyze the problem-solving patterns, talking points, and questioning strategies of your best agents. Then, based on these insights, the digital twin could train all your other agents to match the performance of your top five. This is not just a future vision; with the rate AI technology is progressing, it might soon be a reality.

The Transformation of Call Routing

Call routing, another fascinating technology, is also witnessing a significant evolution. Call routing is not just about assigning calls to agents anymore. It now includes looking at a customer’s CRM data, their VIP status, and routing them to the right agent or moving them up and down a queue accordingly.

However, the future of call routing lies in voice biometrics. AI could identify customers’ irritation levels by analyzing their tone during an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) interaction. It could then route the call to the best-suited agent, taking into account the customer’s tone, previous interactions, and social media activity.

Advanced Analytics: From Reactive to Proactive

Analytics in contact centers currently tend to be reactive, looking at past interactions to guide future actions. However, this is set to change as AI transforms analytics into a proactive tool that not only tells you what is happening but also suggests practical solutions.

Rather than sifting through data to find trends and keywords, AI will be able to answer questions such as, “What are the top five negative comments about this product?” and then suggest ways to improve the situation.

The Emergence of Workforce Management and Intelligence

Workforce management is also witnessing the effects of AI’s transformative power. AI can forecast and model workforce requirements with incredible accuracy, and it can do so for both human agents and digital ones like generative chatbots. The ability to staff your contact center based on not only human agents but also digital tools is a significant advancement.

Workforce intelligence, in particular, will evolve to move agent skills around based on business rules, call queues, and predictive wait times. It will draw on a range of data, such as customer profiles, chatbot interactions, and previous call durations, to predict service levels and guide workforce allocation.

The Rise of Autonomous Agents and AI in Coaching

Generative AI chatbots are evolving into fully autonomous agents that can manage a wide range of tasks. While questions still linger about how these bots will express empathy or avoid sounding artificial, they are set to play a key role in customer service.

However, one area that often gets overlooked is the potential for AI in agent coaching. AI can provide real-time feedback to agents, suggesting improvements on various aspects, from tone and speed of speech to recognizing customer signals.

A World Without Language Barriers

Language processing for calls will soon eliminate language barriers. Soon, an English-speaking agent could seamlessly interact with a Spanish-speaking customer, with each hearing the conversation in their native language. This development could significantly expand the reach of USA contact centers.

Looking Ahead

The future of contact centers holds exciting possibilities as AI and other technologies evolve. While these technologies promise to enhance efficiency and customer experience, it’s essential not to lose sight of the value of human interaction and the insights it provides. The trick is in finding the balance – utilizing technology to improve service without losing the human touch that makes customer interaction valuable. is the leader is AI contact center outsourced services!  Check us out!

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