What difference can a call center
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See how you can cut costs while improving customer engagement across your business with these tools

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Use the ERLANG C Calculator shows you whether or not you have enough agents staffed in your call center to reach your KPIs.

Input your historical call volume by interval, average handle time, service level percentage within the answer time you expect (Industry average is an 80/30), and your shrinkage (basically your call off percentage). The calculator does the rest.

Don’t run the risks of understaffing your call center. Maximize profitability and efficiency. If you are a smaller center and do not have access to expensive workforce management software, there are other options available to you to make sure you are staffed appropriately.

Average Handling Time (AHT)
Answer Time
Service Level
Service Level%
Average Handling Time (AHT)seconds
Answer Timeseconds
Time To
Incoming Contacts Agents Needed
Add New Time

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