Customer Service Outsourcing

Expand your team. Expand your insight. Expand your business

Our call center is the strategic tool you need in your marketing arsenal to keep your brand competitive and your customers happy

The engagement your customers deserve

Outsourcing your call center shouldn’t weaken your business. Expivia expands the capabilities of your team with the professional representation and data necessary to exceed everyone’s expectations.

Our agents

Ensure every customer gets the best

Expivia believes in a mantra of Trust, Transparency, and Technology. All clients have access to real-time reporting. They can blind monitor at any time. And they can see all KPI's in real-time.

We base our call center culture on attitude and effort. Our highly educated and hand-picked associates use advanced routing to connect your customers with the right agent at the right time. This way, they always experience world-class customer care.

Speech Analytics

Hear what your customers are really saying

Expivia gives you actionable insights from every customer interaction to provide real-time, historical insights into what your customers are actually saying.

Highly accurate results and visualizations provide an intuitive and quantifiable understanding of how every interaction influences the customer experience and business results.

The Benefits of Speech Analytics:

  • Analyze 100% of recorded customer conversations to get the full picture.
  • Track satisfaction and discussion topic trends across and within customer interactions.
  • Pinpoint dissatisfied customers based on their sentiment and the discussion topics, allowing for quick business pivots.
  • Enable proactive problem resolution by identifying dissatisfied customer interactions in near real-time.
  • Understand product and/or service roll-outs in more detail than what your customers say.

Expivia inview

Get daily insights into how your program runs.

Expivia provides complete transparency, The same access to information in real-time that our team has.

You'll receive a login to your secure portal where you can view the same dashboard our supervisors and operations people see. You'll see the agents on your program, all KPI’s in real-time (including AHT, SLA, and Abandons), and all historical reporting.

Most importantly, you can monitor all of your agents at any time. Now that's total transparency.

Seamless Integrations

Seamless integrations connect with our backend systems and connect agents to customers when required.


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