23 Call Center Games to Shake Up Your Office Routine

February 25, 2021
Call center games can brighten the mood on the floor.

However much we enjoy working in our call center, days can easily get monotonous. It’s true about any office. Luckily, there are a couple of fun games you can play to shake up the everyday routine in your call center. Ready to level up your call center? Try these 23 different call center games to improve your workplace energy and customer engagement. 

Why You Should Play Call Center Games

Playing is not just for children. Adults can greatly benefit from games as well. But playing games at work isn’t just about fun, there are a lot of other great benefits:

  • Morale boost: Call center games are enjoyable. Your employees will bring the joy they experience to their work.
  • Increased motivation: Many of these call center games help improve employee performance. Plus, you can easily adjust the goal of these games to match your key performance indicators (KPIs). 
  • Better Team building: A lot of these games rely on cooperation and teamwork. These call center games can help you strengthen workplace relationships through friendly competition and excitement.
  • Healthier workplace culture: It takes a lot of work to build the ideal workplace culture. These office games are the perfect tools to get people together and help them relax while improving their experience at work. 

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The Best Call Center Games to Try in Your Contact Center

You may recognize a lot of these games from your childhood. They’re mostly the same games you know and love, but with a call center twist to them. 

Feel free to adjust them to fit your office space, company culture, and performance goals. The more personal these games are, the better the results will be!

You can even play the games with an * sign next to them at home. So, don’t leave your work-from-home agents out of the fun.

Call Center Games for Motivation

1. Bingo*

Call center bingo is the same concept as traditional bingo games. Each team member gets a bingo board with various squares on them. Players cross off the squares on their boards based on events that happen in the call center. 

For the best results, fill your bingo boards with KPIs you can measure. Each time an associate hits one of the goals, they mark it off the sheet. Once they get 5 in a row, they yell out “BINGO!”. The first to reach BINGO is the winner.

2. Poker*

Each time a rep hits a KPI they get a card. Best poker hand wins at the end of the shift or at the end of the week. Make sure you display the types of hands you can get and which one is better. That way, even those who aren’t familiar with Poker will know what they need to win.

3. Sit Where?

Not all office chairs are equal. In my call center, supervisors have different chairs. And the reps LOVE them. To keep things exciting, we play pass-the-chair. Each time a rep gets a sale or hits a KPI, they get the chair until it gets “stolen” by the next person. It’s a simple, but enjoyable game to play in your call center that can keep things lively.

Shake up your routine with fun call center games.

4. Pass the [BLANK]

For this call center game, you need a trophy. This can be a stuffed animal, a ball, or even an office chair. When someone hits a sale or a KPI, they’re the temporary winner or owner of that object.

But when another rep hits their KPI or even performs better, they get the trophy. The trophy changes owners throughout the day. Keep in mind, you can award the owner each hour or just once at the end of the shift. The best method depends on your call center culture. 

5. Off the Clock Sports*

Reps love to be off the phones. It’s human nature. And setting up a sports game can be as easy as putting a green mat on the floor with a foam ball, hanging up a little nerf basketball hoop, or putting up a dartboard in your call center. 

Once a rep makes a great sale, reaches a monitoring score, or hits a KPI, they can get out of their booth and into the game. They can even get a small prize for skill. The real prize though is a fun, free break from the phone for 5 minutes.

6. Hangman

It starts with supervisors setting up the board. Next, they need to pick a word or phrase. Once it’s set up, the reps get a chance to guess a letter and the word or phrase.

Reps can earn guesses by hitting KPIs. Want to take it to the next level? Try turning the game into a team-building exercise. Divide your reps into two groups, and have them compete for a prize!

7. Human Board Game

Before the beginning of a shift, have your supervisor label carpet tiles with different board game spaces. For example, they can write down lose a turn, go back three spaces, swap places, roll again, etc. Next, have your reps create their own game pieces. 

With the board and pieces ready, it’s time to play. Have your call center agents roll the die every time they hit a goal or make a sale. This game is really interactive because the reps can see where everyone else is and what they need to do to win. 

8. Punch-Out*

Pin 20-25 Solo cups to a corkboard, and then fill some of the cups with small prizes: lottery tickets, cash, or wrapped candy. Leave a few cups empty, but also fill some shaving cream for laughs. Then, cover the cup with a tissue, using a rubber band to hold it in place.  

Once a rep hits their goal, they come up to the table and pick a cup to literally punch out and keep whatever they find.

9. Find the Joker*

Tape an entire deck of cards (with the joker included) face down on a whiteboard. As reps hit their goals, they get to sign their name on a card. Once your reps have finished signing all the cards, pull them down one-by-one. Whoever got the Joker wins the prize for that day!

10. Horse Racing

Supervisors create a “race track” around the office. If you have tiled floors, that’s even better. Each tile becomes a “space”. If you don’t, supervisors can use tape or other office supplies to make the track.

Call center horse racing can be an individual or a team game. Give the reps or teams a “horse” to show their progress. This can be a plush toy or even a stapler.

Each time a team member is eligible, they get to roll a die and move their horse that many squares forward. The team that gets to the finish line first wins.

11. Jeopardy*

We set up a dry erase board as a Jeopardy board and break the reps into three teams. Supervisors write the questions for each category. 

Categories can be related to the programs your supervisors run, company-related issues, company history, other supervisors, or various work-related topics. 

When one member from each team is eligible, they all go up for the question. Correct answers earn points. But, wrong answers will cost the team points. This is great for reinforcing your call center work culture by gently reminding them what is expected in a fun, exciting way.

12. Box It Up

Sometimes called Dots (or Dots and Boxes), a supervisor will put 200 or so dots on the whiteboard. As team members hit KPIs, they come up and draw a single straight line from one dot to a neighboring dot, with the goal being to create a box.  

When a team makes a box, they mark it as theirs. The winning team is the one with the most boxes.

Call center games teach your employees cooperation and team work.

Call Center Games for Team Building

13. Battleship

Set up a board full of prizes (5-minute break, candy bar, $10 dollars, etc.). You’ll also need ships that represent each team. Every time an associate hits a metric, they get to choose a space. The goal is to try and sink the other ships and get prizes.

14. Sorry

Set up a giant game of Sorry on the floor. Use office supplies, tape, or office squares. Break up your reps into teams and have them create pieces. Every time they reach a KPI, they get to draw a card. The first team to get all their rep’s pieces to the home space wins!

15. Target Practice

While this game does require a couple of beanbags and a bit of setup, it’s a great team-building activity.

First, break your reps into teams. When a team member gets to play, they roll a die to see how many bean bags they get to throw. Each target gets a different point value based upon the location and difficulty level–we use a cornhole board, a Nerf basketball hoop, and a wastebasket. 

The first team to hit a certain number of points wins a prize such as extra break time or going home early (with pay!).

16. Bubble Race

You may have to steal your kid’s bubble mix for this one. When a rep earns the right to participate, they blow a bubble and must help it float down the carpet “track” as far as they can by blowing on it.  

When the bubble hits the floor, they put their team’s marker down. The next person on their team starts from where they ended. All members of the team that crosses the finish line first get a small prize. 

Call center games can be a team building exercise.

Call Center Games for Fun

17. Guess the Temperature*

When a rep earns their turn, they guess the current outdoor temperature from the supervisor. (The supervisor will have looked up the temperature before the game starts, so they’re ready.) The rep learns if they guessed too high or too low. Then, they get to guess again during their next eligible turn. That day’s prize goes to the winner. 

It’s not the most complicated game. But, it can go a long way to cheer up your call center reps.

18. State Bingo*

If you get calls from all over the country, this is a great game. Create several bingo cards with state names in the cells. Next, hand them out to your reps. With each new call, your reps will mark off the states where their callers are from. It’s that easy!

This call center game is extremely fun. Plus, it helps your agents pay closer attention to where a majority of their calls come from.

19. Create the Mascot*

Teams get a small whiteboard. As team members become eligible, they go to the board and add one feature to the mascot. For example, they can add a head, an eye, a hat, etc. This game really lets the creative and artistic people shine. Plus, you’ll get to see some very interesting (and bizarre) creations. 

At the end of the day, a manager, or someone outside of the call center, looks at each team’s board and chooses the coolest daily mascot. Alternatively, you can set this up as a Facebook poll and let people vote on it. 

20. Rollerball

You set up a garbage can on one end of the room and set up some cool ramps. The goal here is for the reps to roll the ball into the trash can. Once the rep reaches a KPI or marker, they get a chance to score. And to keep things interesting, you can change the layout every time!

21. Pyramid*

This office competition game is more about talent and skill than luck. All you need for this call center game is some Solo cups.

When a rep earned a couple of minutes away from the phone, give them a stack of Solo cups. Their goal is to make a pyramid and then deconstruct it as fast as possible. The fastest time gets a small prize. But, the real benefit is a few fun minutes away from work.

22. Eye Spy*

This is a really simple call center game. But simple doesn’t mean it’s not enjoyable! With this game, the supervisor finds something they can see in the office. Once they have their target, the reps take turns guessing every time they reach a KPI. 

This call center game is good for days when you need to engage reps. Or, if you want to change up the workplace atmosphere and get people more engaged.

23. Water Pong

Beer pong at work isn’t exactly appropriate. But water pong is! This fun team-building game starts by pairing your reps up into teams of two. Get everyone hyped up to show off their skills. 

They’re about to compete in a Water Pong championship! 

Reps will take turns competing against each other. And only the winners advance. The tournament goes on all week. And the final match happens on Friday at the end of the workday. 

It’s a great way to close the week in a good mood. Plus, the reps enjoy the time away from their phones to play. And the winning team gets to walk away with the prize and the championship title.

Water pong is an office-appropriate call center game.

Call Center Game Prizes Motivate Even More

You may have noticed that a lot of these call center games involve prizes of some kind. Giving away prizes helps employees enjoy the games and participate more. It also gives these office games a competitive edge.

What you give away really doesn’t matter. Here are some ideas for easy and cheap prizes for call center games:

  • Candy
  • 5-minute break
  • Office supplies
  • Gift cards
  • Voucher to leave home early (with pay)
  • Cash prize
  • Tickets to a game or movie

Keep in mind, these don’t have to be big prizes. Small gifts are great tokens of appreciation for hard work. The time away from work, the change of pace and the memories are all great gifts, too!

How We Play Call Center Games at Expivia

This Call Center Geek podcast episode is all about these amazing call center games, and how we play them at Expivia. Give it a listen if you want to hear about our unique takes and personal stories:

Do you play games in your call center?

Did you try and like any of the games we listed here?

Want more games?  Check out the “Advice from a Call Center Geek Podcast!  Over 200 episodes of all things contact center (including more games 🙂

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